What is virtual reality?

Definition of Virtual reality: Virtual reality is a 3-dimensional space where we can see computer-generated locations, where human begins can interact and explore the things in virtual space. The environment can be so immersive that a person can change the things in the location where he has virtually visited.The Virtual reality can be experienced through the VR Headsets.

Example :- Standalone VR Headset,Mobile based VR Headsets. Will explain about these vr headsets at end of the article.

How Virtual reality Works?

Virtual reality works with the computer-generated environments, where he/she can explore the environment and interact with the objects inside the environment to make it feel immersive.Scientists and engineers have done lot of research to make the virtual reality work, initially they have created three dimensional images which should look like a life sized to person who is watching the image in VR device.

     Another challenge was users motions particularly the head and eye movements. Based on the persons movements the content need to be reflected without any lag.This challenge has overcome with the help of gyroscope sensor which is used to track the motions of user and reflect the content. The real virtual reality is something which Truly provides immersive experiences and make the user forget his real surroundings, effectively causing the computer to become a non entity.  



What are the uses of Virtual reality ?  

Top 5 best uses of Virtual reality?  

1) Training: Most of the industries adopted the use of virtual reality in their training as it allows them to undertake a huge range of simulations.  A trainee can undergo many training classes by sitting at one place.

                     Example :- (i) Military training ,were the new soldiers can learn all the battle                                                    field  attacks as  virtual reality has simulations.                       

                                       (ii) A medical student can be trained on how to do a surgery on                                                        human body.

                                      (iii) An engineer can learn the hardware simulations in the VR world.

 2)Education:-  VR is going to play a major role in all the educational fields in teaching the concepts to the students. Due to the interactions in the three dimensional space students will involve more in learning the concepts.Students can be taken to virtual industrial field trips. Science and history can be explained very easily.



 3) Treatment of PTSD:-  PTSD(Post-traumatic stress disorder) is the most common disorder which is there for most of the population. Most of us feel lot of stress due some worst experiences happened in our life.VR system can help these people by experiencing the same situations which has happened to them and need to make them realize that it is usual and it is not going to affect them in anyway.

4)Recruitment :- Most of Corporate Companies are adopting the VR Recruitment system. With the help of VR technology employees can easily engage with real work challenges and scenarios. The simulated interviews can help the companies to choose the best candidate based on their performance. Getting a real talent is very difficult VR technology is making this easy for many companies.

  5) Entertainment:- Virtual Reality Games: This segment has used VR technology very wisely. A lot of VR games are available in the market which are creating buzz due to the immersive impact of the game. All most all popular non VR games have started developing the games for VR devices.Virtual tours:- VR gives a chance to visit a lot of places by seating at home. People can visit their favorite places and enjoy the feel.

            What is the difference between Standalone VR Headset and Mobile based VR Headset?  

 What is a Standalone VR Headset : A standalone VR Headset is a head-mounted device that has an inbuilt screen with all the electronic parts and other hardware parts. It is an independent device, unlike mobile-based VR headset.Examples of standalone VR headset is Oculus go, rift and quest.

                                                What is a Mobile-based VR Headset? 

 Mobile: –based VR Headset is a mechanical device with an Optical lens. This VR Headset needs a VR Compatible mobile to experience virtual reality.  This VR Headset is affordable when compared to a standalone VR headset