As COVID-19 continues to drive a growing trend around remote work, VR can transform how we collaborate and help teams be more productive from home. While Oculus for Business offers unique solutions at scale, a great productivity app can go a long way. That’s where vSpatial comes in. Letting you surround yourself with unlimited monitors, vSpatial stands out from other virtual workspaces with carousels to organize your work and direct integration with desktop productivity apps including Microsoft Office. And it’s available now on Oculus Quest.

vSpatial brings your workspace to the Rift

Surround yourself with unlimited monitors and jump into focus mode. Access your favorite browser, professional working/ design tools, and music streaming apps in VR. vSpatial supports all Windows 10 apps and is already integrated into professional businesses today.

PRODUCTIVITY (On virtual steroids)
Multi-task by surrounding yourself with a ring of multiple apps and windows to see everything you’re working on at once
Resize and isolate apps
Safe and Secure local & remote desktop support
Take a break with basketball

COLLABORATION (With your team)
Seamlessly bring your team into your workspace with Collaboration Pro
Work together by sharing multiple app screens
Let your contacts join your space with avatars to share and draw on whatever screens/ apps you want
Crystal clear spatial audio to distinguish teammates

Try vSpatial for FREE and get access to your workspace with Collaboration Pro as an available in-app purchase