virtual Reality (VR) has taken the gaming industry to the next level. With the advancement in technology, VR games are much more entertaining, immersive, and real than pc or console games.With the help of VR box headsets, you will step into a completely different world, which gives you immensely enhanced user engagement and top-notch gaming experience.To get the best VR gaming experience, you need to get the best VR headset. Though gaming in some VR headsets like Oculus, HTC VIVE is expensive, the best VR games for android offer an alternative. 

                                                         The mobile VR headsets are affordable like google cardboard, which you can buy or make yourself at home. Before looking for the best VR games for android, double-check whether your smartphone is capable of virtual reality.  To check the compatibility of your mobile phone with VR headset, download the “Cardboard” app by google from the play store. If your mobile phone is compatible with the app then it supports the VR boxes or VR headsets.

Here is our shortlist of the seven best VR games for android 2020 [Using Controller]

In the VR X-Racer game, a UFO Spaceship attacks the earth. To protect what belongs to us, you will step on a jet and will bring down the spaceship missiles. It is an outstanding VR racing game for game lovers.

It is a Fast Pace action FPS shooting game designed for gamers. Some of the features of the game are Deadly weapons, Addictive, thrilling game, Thrilling mission story.

Did you ever think of walking on tight rope crossing over tall mountains or buildings? Well, here is the app to provide you the thrilling experience in VR. VR City View Rope Crossing is a breathtaking rope walking simulator where you will take the walk of your life feeling the tension while waling on the string under your feet. Just imagine yourself in the situation resisting the winds which are pushing you left or right! Exciting right?

Get the ultimate 360 VR roller-coaster experience through this app. This roller-coaster simulation takes you through temples, caves, and even underwater to see exotic animals and get amazing underwater experience. The point of this VR game app is to get thrills beyond your imagination. The roller coaster physics is true to life making it a real-world experience.

Can you survive a zombie apocalypse in the VR world? In this game, a post-apocalyptic world full of blood-thirsty zombies is waiting for you. You can choose your weapon, explore the deserted subway, keep your eyes peeled. Mutants attack any time! So go and save the world!

VR haunted house is famous for paranormal activities that take place inside a haunted house. By immersing yourself in the world, you should protect the home from the unusual monsters by shooting at them. Experience the horror and despair like never before!

Highway Bike Racer is a fast, thrilling bike racing and action game. In this game, you can overcome the traffic cars in speed, can do stunts with your bike, and also punch opponent bikers. You can challenge your friends for the ultimate bike racing experience in VR.