“Dino VR Shooter: dinosaurs VR games “

 This game is released in October 17, 2018  In this a best amaong VR action games you will get to experience the thrill of shooting at dinosaurs! Doing this while immersed in virtual reality takes the fun of gunning down giant creatures to the next level! You begin with a few casual hunts to go after harmless herbivores. Discover 5 different areas of a misterious island full of Dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures.

Get 5 different guns that will help to save your life.

 Technical Requirement :-

FULL 60 fps immersive performance (50 fps on Galaxy S2 i9100 – 60 fps on Galaxy S3 and up)

Requires Gyroscope.

1)Compatible with Cardboard and any other VR headset with built-in control.

 2)Also compatible with Bluetooth gamepads, keypads and VR remotes


Android Game Download Link :-

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