Today, we’re thrilled to present Tales from Soda Island, a new animated series made entirely in VR with Quill. The first episode, titled The Multiverse Bakery, is available now on Oculus TV on Oculus Quest and the Quill Theater on the Rift Platform.

The latest project from Studio SyroTales from Soda Island mixes 3D animation, spatial audio, and special effects to create a new kind of sensory playground. With so many ingredients involved in the production, the story itself begins in the kitchen. In The Multiverse Bakery, audiences follow a curious character known as “The Baker” who’s busy preparing one of his famous apple pies. As he gathers necessary ingredients, which include pulverized galaxies, apples from the tree of life, and a dash of gravity — audiences are taken through a sonic journey of creation that sets the tone for upcoming installments in the series.

We chatted with Quill artists Dan Franke and Funi Nini to hear more about Tales from Soda Island and The Multiverse Bakery.