Supernatural has released more than 125 workouts with over 275 rhythm-mapped songs and counting, introduced meditations, and today, launched a new feature that lets you share your membership at home with three free additional profiles.Now it’s possible to share your Supernatural membership with your household, thanks to Profiles! Every Supernatural membership now comes with four total profiles, at no additional cost*. Everyone gets their own personal workout history, calibration measurements, community profile, and more for a completely unique and personalized experience.

Want to conduct an orchestra while standing on a mountain top, travel back to an ’80s prom night, or simply get a good arm-day in? Supernatural releases a new workout every day, and their teams of choreographers, Coaches, and VR designers have been building workouts that will leave you smiling ear-to-ear while you sweat. Many of these ideas were inspired by community members. Join the community @GetSupernatural on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

A Growing Community, the Supernatural Family

Members have been finding each other in the Supernatural Companion App and online groups to connect with the Coaches, share progress, and motivate each other as they take on fitness journeys in Supernatural.

Here’s a look at some incredible stories from the community:

What are you most proud of since starting Supernatural?

“This girl. Mother of three, who never worked out two days strung together, powered through 60 consecutive days of Supernatural! Thanks to this fitness app, the coaches, and the daily workouts, I’ve discovered myself smiling through workouts, sweating more than I ever have, and pushing myself further than I thought possible! Coach Leanne not only encouraged me to stop using my puny dinosaur arms but somehow managed to share a part of herself each workout. Coach Raneir reminded me that not only am I proud to fight like a girl, but it’s because of the strength of showing up each day that we run the ‘whole damn world.’ And Coach Doc drove me to work harder, be smarter, and push through the pain of change to find my inner-strength.

“I’m now three months into this fitness journey, and speaking as someone who has never been athletic in any sense, Supernatural has been a game-changer for me. Not only do I feel better, but I know this is something I can commit to doing because I will never tire of the amazing music, the varying levels of intensity, and above all, the inspiring coaches speaking directly to ME.”