the first game on the list this month is phantom covert ops this is a
single-player military shooter which uses a very interesting movement mechanic because
you are always in a kayak pretty much this is a one-to-one interaction stealth game so all the
movements you do directly translate to act in the game which leads to a lot of immersion the game has a six hour campaign and is you know mostly focused on being stealthy and infiltrating bases and stuff and it looks really cool the game is an exclusive for the oculus rift and the oculus quest and does feature cross-buy but I’m pretty sure that on pc with some
intelligent software you can play this on your vibe or your your index as well the game will belaunching on June 25th 2020 on the rift and quest and probably also some other headsets very soon

Phantom: Covert Ops is stealth action redefined for Oculus Quest and Rift platforms.


Freely traverse the water in your military kayak, across rich, flooded environments. Experience innovative and tactile on-water VR traversal using your paddle to stealthily move and steer through hostile locations.


Experience the tension and thrill of becoming a lethal military asset in VR. From dragging your paddle through the water to aiming down the scope of your rifle, everything is driven through 1:1 player movement and body awareness, delivering a new level of immersion.


How you plan and execute every mission and encounter is your choice. Move silently across the water, sneaking through reeds and beneath enemy walkways, or ambush hostiles in exhilarating combat.