hey, Again a brand-new firmware update just started rolling out firmware 18 for the oculus quest this a week and there are a few interesting aspects to the update first up they’re continuing adjusting the Universal menu and multi-browser support the update.

the design has been streamlined for usability and improved
discovery of system applications they’ve also worked on improving the multi-browser experience that allows you to use multiple windows when you’re browsing the Internet in VR.

one thing I’m very excited about is the fact that they’ve added in predictive text for the keyboard which should make typing in VR a little bit faster as it can be a massive pain in the rear end right now.
also, a feature that was mentioned previously and hadn’t been released yet is the ability to change the color of your guardian this adds a little bit of customization to the Guardian itself.

they added few updates to the notification system inside of the oculus quest as well you can now fine-tune your VR notification preferences another an interesting feature is some updates to
the social aspect you can now share in VR content or ask a friend to join you in an app or experience in VR through messenger on Facebook. all you got to do is go to share messenger and then choose who you want to share with voice commands are also rolling out to all US.

new update first of all if you go into settings and you want to change your guardian color you go right over to Guardian and you can see it says boundary color right here change the color of your guardian boundary.

you can hear what the voice command system sounds like and you can enable voice commands  few different commands you can use this for you can say what time is it go to
google.com which turns off your device show me, Guardian, open be saver you can
pretty much control your device the vast majority of your device just using your
a voice.

 there are a few interesting aspects to this update that hopefully will help along with some bug fixes and some issues that they’re trying to iron out with the past couple of updates out of all the updates I’m probably most happy about the predictive text update because
face it it’s a pain in the butt to type in VR and with cell phones and everything having predictive text too these days it kind of makes sense to have it there  what do you think about these updates it’s not a major update.