today I want to show off Tetris effect  one of the most loved versions of Tetris but a game that I hadn’t actually played before and from the trailers I thought why is there all this hype why is it so expensive at 2299 for a game that came out in the eighties it looks like 2d Tetris in some VR environments  this game is gorgeous pricy of course but amazing I felt transported into a new world as I played some of these games when I’m focusing on a puzzle which is
insanely addictive .


                        I just didn’t want to put this game down the ambient environments of which there are so many there are 30 plus stages to enjoy you were just always interested in what the next design is going to be and the style that the next one is going to be with 10 plus game modes the activity in these environments as well also increase as the pace of the game increases as well so as you get further in the situations get even more intense and
it’s just a marvel to enjoy the game simply just transports you out of this world and it’s just fun it’s addictive and it’s almost meditative is really relaxing something I liked as well is that when you move the blocks it makes noises to the same key the same tune as the music that’s going on so you kind of feel connected to the world connected to
the game that’s going on around you it’s incredibly fleshed out this version of the game also has some extras such as these zone mechanic which allows you to stop time so you can prevent yourself from getting a game over