Coronavirus  has impacted work culture, how virtual reality helps people who are working from home. Due to COVID-19 world is on lockdown and people around the world are recommended to work from home(WFH). The world is on lockdown to contain the virus and in this situation communication is the most important thing to ensure better results. Let us see how virtual reality is going to help people who are working from home. 

Is Virtual reality an option for video calls for better communication? 

Virtual reality is being strongly recommended as an alternative for videos calls for better communication between colleagues. The benefit of using virtual reality technology is it makes people to feel that they are in the same environment as the rest of their teammates. 

 The best benefit of using virtual reality is there will be no distractions and people can concentrate on what others are saying. Based on the research, team conversations over a call or video call has less impact when compared to virtual meetings. 

 People are still opting for normal calls and videos call because virtual reality is costlier compared to other options. Soon, most of us are going to opt for virtual reality. 

 Facebook’s standalone Oculus Quest VR Headset is affordable and accessible. By attending virtual meetings responsiveness can be increased and team working can be enhanced. 

SPACE is a new PC VR App which can be used to join normal video call while you are in VR. 

Use of VR In Education and corporate training platform. 

Due to coronavirus as we all know all the education and corporate systems have been shut down for some time. The precious time cannot be wasted by spending on unwanted things. VR has a solution for it, students can listen to the live sessions from their lecturers or else they can watch the recorded videos using the VR headsets. Corporate companies can train their candidates, host meetings, presentations and events through VR. 

ENGAGE is a wonderful platform which allows user to host meetings, presentations, classes and events using VR.  This platform supports the majority of PC based VR Headsets and a selection of VR Headset