today I’m reviewing layers of fear masterpiece edition this is a psychological horror game developed by the Bluebird team and published by aspiring. the game was released on the 16th of February 2016. you play a psychologically disturbed painter who’s trying to finish his greatest masterpiece. it’s up to you how this should be accomplished challenges come in the form of having to explore.
your environment for visual clues is that hidden writing on walls or hidden keys in drawers or maybe something completely different.
he’s down to you to solve the puzzles presented in the first-person. the whole environment changes around you these changes often caused jump scares. which will often cause goosebumps or even make you jump a little but that’s what horror games should do the game set in the 1920s.

the game is ve the game is controlled using either keyboard or mouse or a compatible controller my personal preference is keyboard and mouse.
it gives better control and is much more responsive graphics wise. this game shines the game is set at night so most rooms of poorly legs. although some do have lighting the overall feel of the
game is dark and gritty the graphics work extremely well and will shock you.
hopefully, you’d like to own a copy well if you happen to watch him between the 24th and the 31st of October 2019.
now you can pick up a copy of the game completely free of charge from Epic Games.