The original In Death set the bar for archery games in VR. Released in the fall of 2018, In Death took bow-and-arrow gameplay and mixed it with rogue-lite sensibilities to create a medieval shooting gallery you could play forever. In Death: Unchained, a new experience built from the ground up for Oculus Quest, welcomes players to the afterlife with new mechanics, features, and six degrees of freedom.Made exclusively for Quest, Unchained takes advantage of the 6DoF experience with a bevy of game improvements. Locomotion has been completely revamped, so you can walk and explore more naturally, and you’ll find new levels, enemies, and mechanics throughout the experience. You should look at Unchained as a completely fresh experience, but expect series staples like infinite replayability (from procedurally-generated levels), death-and-rebirth game progression, and unlockable abilities. You’ll even find a few surprises I won’t spoil here.

 The game has a whole new world, called The Abyss, with new enemies, layout, and even more procedurally generated diversity. We started by building an understanding of the challenges in the original game. Our goal was to take these challenges even further through fresh level design, timing, and enemy patterns and behavior.

 Can you tell us why you opted for procedurally generated environments?

It’s common for roguelikes and roguelites to have some form of procedural generation, because of the nature of the genre, where you start from scratch from the same spot. The clearest benefit to the player is that the game always has something new to offer. It has incredible replay value while also having recognizable building blocks that help players plan their tactics. We’ve taken procedural generation to new heights in our new world, The Abyss, and we can’t wait for players to see it!