A quick look at the five nights at Freddy’s Wikipedia page revisit the series has been around since 2014. it is the first time you’ve heard about the game but wouldn’t be surprised.
I was aware of the pc and mobile iterations tangental III.
never really played them despite my deep love for anything and everything horror. they’re too easy to inaccurately dismisses kids games are games that are solely reliant on jump scares for their enjoyment.

the core premise of five nights at Freddy’s is somehow simple and
ridiculously awesome at the same time.
you’ve been hired as the night time a security guard at Freddy fazbear’s pizza. a Chucky cheese knockoff with an ever
increasingly bad reputation fueled by some of the best urban legends ever told. see as it turns out after midnight the animatronic bear rabbit chicken and fox come to life and wander, the halls and their intentions are anything but pure in fact if they find you’re dead.

so the goal for each of the minigames is to survive from midnight until 6:00 a.m. keeping an eye on the security cameras and only using the lights and closing.
the doors to the office when necessary to conserve the ever-dwindling power supply.
it’s about as nerve-racking as any game has ever been and to make matters worse help won. it tells you nothing to prepare you for each of its games.
instead, it’s up to you to pay attention as to how things work and burn through a lot of trial and error .which also means dying frequently at the hand of heart-attack inducing jump-scare death.