Raptor as if she were my outer loop games make smart use of both gameplay and story to pull that off and while The Adventure is fully explorable on a good old-fashioned TV it is more
rewarding when experienced on Oculus VR Falkon age gives you a sidekick who’s so handy and smart it almost feels like
you’re playing a co-op game you and your pal explore a sparse but artistically striking desert landscape and takedown
refinery outposts to ripple and of a colonial power it’s so satisfying
particularly in VR to work in concert with your bird by telling her to knock down drones while you’re busy whipping off the armor plating of some machinery
or to have her swoop in to hold up an enemy while you smash it to bits and one of the most heart-wrenching things I’ve done in a game ever I had to remove needles from my injured Falcon you’regonna be all right little buddy,

please please please don’t die playing on a TV all these actions are pretty easy to complete with a few taps of a button but in VR and using motion controllers it’s so
much more engrossing to call for your bird with a hand motion
actively swing at your foes and hack a terminal with your electrified baton the whole experience left me wanting more than the five hours it lasted and that applies to my bond with my bird too outside of the are a button press lets you a fist bump your friend but I felt
such a genuine connection to this virtual creature when I stuck out my arm to let her land or handed her a skateboard to show off some cool tricks well I wish I could have spent a little more time in the story with the baby Falcon outer loop has done a fantastic
the job of making me feel attached to it in
just such a short time unfortunately in whichever mode I played I did notice some technical difficulties there’s frequent pop in occasional
stuttering and I even had a crash back
to the dashboard especially in VR, a little stuttering can be a noticeable distraction when you move quickly through the world.