It’s VR Movies Can be watched freely?


Novel Corona virus has hit the Tribeca Film Festival event. The Tribeca Film Festival (TFF) is an American film festival, held in the Tribeca neighborhood of Manhattan, showcasing a diverse selection of independent films.

But the virtual reality has given them a chance to watch the movies in oculus TV app from now till April 26th. Oculus TV is available on the Oculus Quest and Go headsets, although, unfortunately, not the Rift. Tribeca Film Institute announced on Thursday the 43 projects that will participate in this year’s TFI Network film market, to be held virtually due to the coronavirus pandemic.

 The content will be accessed by the smaller audience since it is only restricted to oculus VR. Virtual reality gives audience a special experience of watching the film festival.Most of the festival films end up on showing in virtual reality, getting them all in a curated experience is pretty rare and well worth checking out.

 However, Oculus is releasing one of Tribeca 2019’s best projects: you can check out The Key,

 TFI is not ready to let down the new independent artists, they are conducting the event through the virtual reality flat form.