Box VR is a music rhythm-based workout game the the main part of the game is made up of
classes these sessions come in four form of different difficulties but unlike your traditional easy medium and hard setting the toughness of these come from
how long each session lasts for some lasts for two minutes and others go all the way up to an hour the latter can be seen as the game’s hardest difficulty in each class you will be
hitting a few different targets and there are quite a few different moves you will need to perform to do so you get normal targets which require simple. 

 straight forward punch angled targets which require you to do a side punch uppercuts are also shown in a similar the manner and you can also block other targets by holding up both your hands it is very responsive the game also has you ducking and side dodging out of the way of render walls you really will break a sweat when playing this game all of these targets are combined with the the rhythm of the music and it makes for a very engaging experience especially when a series of different targets come your way ducking and then uppercutting one.