Simply the best mobile VR games !

Are you ready to live the scariest sensation in VR with ?
Do you feel ready to make real gesture for follow your path ?
Dive into a pure terror Experience with BAD DREAM, the most anticipated Android VR game.

– Play by moving your body ! (walk, crawl, climb)
– Exploration, Action, Quick TIme Event
– Playable without controller
– Amazing graphics envrionnement
– 3D spacial sound 5.1
– Filtered version for those who finish the game
– Success leaderboard
– Awesome nightmare scene
– Unique scary effects and ambiance
– New features to come

Note that the game is constantly improving.
If you encounter any bug please write us on support
You will be thanks for your cooperation.

For Android 6.0 : Please uninstall the app, restart your device and re-install the app again, it should fix the problem.
For Android 7.0 : Please go on your new Screen setting panel for put the device in WQHD by default >> (Samsung set the screen resolution to 1080p for Battery life).
If you allways have the problem, please write us at and we’ll send you a link for download a fixed version.


Compatible with all VR Headset (not work on DAY DREAM and GEAR VR) :
– Cardboard
– Virtual Vizor
– Homido
– FreeFly
– VRBox

TIPS : For have the better result, please follow this some rule, we advise you to have a strong device for well profit of the experience.
1/ Be sure you have enought Space for Download the App (200 Mo)+
2/ Be sure you don’t run too many app at the same time for have 500 RAM available.
3/ If you have a double vision issue please scan a QR Code here :
4/ For samsung Gear VR please donwload this app before :