VR industry faces difficulty on sales growth

Sony VR has become the winner in the race of vr sales

The makers finding themselves caught up in a complex new game: expectations to build with virtual reality software and hardware.the VR market so far has not played out as anyone quite anticipated from tech giants such as Sony, Alphabet and Facebook to the many start-ups.Many in the industry are fretting that virtual reality is taking longer to reach a mainstream audience than they had hoped.


Oculus appears to have lost its early advantage in pioneering the latest generation of VR technology among the growing competition. Sony’s PlayStation VR has established itself as the clear market leader in terms of units sold.Many analysts and developers believe Oculus Rift lags behind in third place behind HTC’s Vive.

While HTC and Oculus have not disclosed sales figures, Sony said on Monday it had sold 915,000 PlayStation VR headsets since the $400 device went on sale in October.Global chief executive of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Andrew House, said the supply got outstripped from demand and the company was racing to increase production.


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