Intel’s First Alloy-Powered VR Headset Is Releasing This Holiday Season

Intel’s First Alloy-Powered VR Headset will be available to purchase this holiday season from a third party manufacturer.Nicole Smith, the head of communications for VR at Intel declined to disclose which manufacturer will be creating this new product and bringing it to market, but did clarify that Intel is “working with a lead partner to get a device out this year.”

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Intel’s technology with inside-out positional tracking is included in Project Alloy the term for a wireless self-contained VR headset.Without requiring a separate PC and external sensors using Alloy we can find its precise location in a room.This is a key feature that would make VR more convenient.

Google, Facebook, and Microsoft are joining Intel in racing to deliver this feature in affordable packages.The upshot for Intel is a new product category powered by internal hardware provided by Intel.To be clear, Intel has no interest in manufacturing and selling Alloy as a consumer product. Instead, they are giving other companies access to its design and letting them put out headsets of their own.

The unnamed manufacturer would not be required to use every feature in the Alloy reference design, however. When asked if it would at least be untethered and use the RealSense inside-out tracking, Smith responded that “our goal is to use our reference design to help our partners create the best all-in-one product. I can’t speak to what their final product will include.” 

Smith Final words are  that more news about Alloy’s first mass market headset will be forthcoming “in the next two months or so.”


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