Homido Mobile Headset Maker Claims 500,000 Total Units Sold

Homido Crossed 500,000 units in sales

Homido isn’t a household call around the sector like facebook, Google, Sony, or Samsung, but it has carved out a gap inside the cellular HMD market over the last two years. thousands and thousands of people have been added to VR in 2016 whether or not it’s thru television classified ads, palms-on demos, or one of the infinite reasonably-priced visitors that are located in good deal packing containers and checkout lines at diverse huge container outlets around the sector. I’ve even seen kiosks at shopping shops peddling cut-price mobile HMDs currently.

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Maximum VR groups have stayed relatively tight-lipped approximately sales figures. We don’t have a clean idea on precisely what number of devices have been offered for the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, ps VR, Daydream View, or some other foremost headset in the marketplace. however, uncovering sales figures for similar and comparable systems, which includes Homido’s line of cell headsets, is a circulate within the proper course. in line with a Homido representative, the company has together offered approximately 557,000 HMDs on account that 2014.

Starting all of the way back returned in 2014, Homido first released its V1 model headset, which has because been discontinued on the market on their reputable web site as they’ve transitioned to the V2 new release. it is however nonetheless to be had from a few 0.33birthday celebration outlets. on the grounds that then, the company has released several other headset styles.

All in all that adds as much as about 557,000 total cell HMDs bought so far. The agency also sells Homido-branded Bluetooth gamepads, which can be used for a variety of reports, and is prototyping its personal movement controllers. It’s really worth noting that even though these HMDs feature comparable designs and form factors to the Samsung gear VR and Daydream View, those headsets aren’t truly like-minded with the tools VR, Oculus home, or Daydream ecosystems. almost speaking, these are extra or less barely used up Cardboard viewers, as they are able to handiest get entry to VR reports which are broadly available at the Google Play shop or iOS App store for most current Android and iOS devices.

Regardless, this does paint an interesting photograph. current market predictions from SuperData stated that the Samsung equipment VR was predicted to transport about 2.three million headsets in 2016 in comparison to 450,000 Google Daydream perspectives. It stays to be visible whether or not these figures are correct, however considering that Oculus stated equipment VR had over 1 million customers earlier this yr and it cracked a primary class on Amazon this holiday season, it’s absolutely feasible.


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