Google making VR headsets invisible With its New technology

The surprising joy of virtual reality from google with vr headsets

Google’s Research arm and Daydream Labs have partnered to figure out a way to let spectators see VR headset users’ full faces while they’re immersed in an experience – as if the headsets were practically invisible. The end goal is to allow for less awkward demonstrations of VR technology and experiences on video instead of looking blindfold with a high-tech on. sharing experiences with others about VR headsets make it challenging to create a complete picture of the people participating in the vr challenge.

The google team first constructs a 3D model of the user’s face, using a color and depth camera in a process that takes about a minute to complete.They have tested with HTC Vive headset that’s capable of tracking eye-gaze. For a fully immersive video demo, the user is shot in front of a green screen while they’re engaged in a VR experience, with their VR environment composited into the background.

Google approach uses a combination of 3D vision, machine learning and graphics techniques, and is best explained in the context of enhancing Mixed Reality video (also discussed in the Google-VR blog).

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