Galaxy S8 nad Gear VR are the combo in 2017

Innovator Edition from Samsung shows the VR efforts which were started late in 2014 and Note 4 launched with the Gear VR headset.For every new release, Samsung and Oculus have steadily improved the functionality in each new product.In VR Market Facebook’s Oculus and Samsung’s VR headset were on the top when they started.

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As of January, the companies shipped more than 5 million of these high-quality mobile headsets as they were given for free with the purchase of many new Samsung phones.

The race was officially on for mobile VR supremacy.Googles Daydream has entered the market with a simple hand controller offering a new way to interact with VR on a mobile device.This new hand controller combined with one of the best phone cameras the world has ever seen arrived about the same time the Note 7 started literally exploding.

Buyers looking to get into VR have some tough choices to make, the release of the Galaxy S8 this week alongside a new Gear VR hand controller — and no word about whether the handset will work with Google’s Daydream.


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