Facebook’s New Camera with 24 lenses for VR

The facebook new Camera Turns Real Life Into High-Quality VR

The Facebook company has been seeding the VR industry with money and technology to help generate content that might encourage people to give VR a try.Most 360 content isn’t very good.Ever since Facebook bought Oculus Rift for $2 billion, it started to concentrate on VR content.

Facebook new camera

The facebook new camera comes with 24 lenses in a shape of a ball.The first camera, from facebook, has 17 lenses.Facebook is spending a lot of money on content creation to provide high quality 360 videos so that users can enjoy the VR experience.

If Facebook can get its 360-degree cameras into the hands of filmmakers, perhaps they’ll make the kind of stuff that motivates people to go buy new products.Facebook is not repeating its strategy which they used for building their first camera.They are not going to reveal the blueprint of the new camera.

The new cameras also offer an extra visual element to the video they capture.The new cameras shoot in six degrees of freedom, which means viewers can move forward and backward within a scene, not just left/right and up/down. That’s an important element when it comes to creating a virtual world that’s meant to feel natural.

By the end of the year. facebook wants to sell the cameras through partners.The camera is going to be expensive.



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