Facebook is Going to Launch the first preview of React VR

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facebook‘s Open supply software has grown into one among the biggest and maximum energetic portfolios in the enterprise. In 2016, we launched 77 new initiatives, and our members made 60,000 commits. With nearly 400 projects and extra than 500,000 followers throughout our complete portfolio, facebook is committed to retaining the stability and first-rate of our initiatives, and to helping the communities which have grown around them.

facebook pinnacle tasks, measured via some of the total commits made this year, were all open-sourced in previous years and keep to peer increase and momentum thru adoption and contributions from the network.

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Though no longer the most effective signal of a task‘s fulfillment, we were humbled to have our flagship initiatives, React and React local, surpass 50,000 and forty,000 followers this 12 months, respectively. we’ve got three additional projects with more than 15,000 fans, 3 with at the least 10,000 followers, and 20 projects that have reached 5,000 followers.



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