Hyundai And Nokia’s Ozo Surprised U.S. Service Members

The Super Bowl To U.S. Service Members Brought By Hyundai And Nokia’s Ozo

People around the arena were given an opportunity to seehistorical exquisite Bowl with the new England Patriots overcoming a big three – 28 deficit to tie the Falcons, head to the first excellent Bowl beyond regular time, and win it with Tom Brady taking the massive recreation’s MVP honors. those wanting a brand new experience are in a position to observe tremendous Bowl highlights thru Lifelike’s digital personal suite, however, Hyundai used 360-diploma video to carry the huge recreation to u.s.a. carrier participants in an immersive way.

The source from Youtube.

throughout the excellent Bowl, as standard, there has been a multitude of humorous and galvanizing advertisements, although now not a good deal VR turned into represented. One exception is an ad for the 24: Legacy VR enjoy, that’s a prequel connected to the new season premiering after the sport.

also, on the end of the sport, Hyundai aired a video displaying how they introduced the outstanding Bowl to U.S. servicemembers in Zagan, Poland. They backed a big screen for all the squaddies to view the game but also had the unit pick out 3squaddies that could be capable of experience it a special way. In personal rooms, the service participants had video projected all around them captured via a Nokia oz digital camera bringing them what seemed like a view of the sport in conjunction with their households in attendance stay.

Hyundai used the Nokia oz., a camera we’ve included previously here on upload, to seize the instant in 360 ranges.

Hyundai And Nokia’s Ozo Super Bowl.


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