VR Tank Combat Game, Now Available finally for Rift And Vive

It is a good news for Rift and Vive users

The much awaited VR tank combat game is now available for HTC vive and Oculus rift.Till now the game is available for only PlayStation, the play station users have enjoyed a lot and had a great VR experience. It is now time for VIve and rift users to have fun and to get experience with vr tank combat game.

The original Battlezone was re-envisioned through the lens of a Tron-like dystopia.The game combined the immersive power of sitting in a cockpit in VR with the thrill of engaging in intense combat all wrapped up in a retro-futuristic vibe that bled 80s nostalgia.

The users need to sit forward-facing in a chair with no need to move your head more than 180-degrees. The user will have a controller you still play through a semi-randomized assortment of levels for each campaign. But it just feels better to play this time around.

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