S8 comes with new VR headset and with refined graphics

The latest iteration of the Gear VR from Samsung showed off today.This new VR Headset is going to be lighter and more comfortable.This new VR Headset has comes with a controller.S8 comes with new VR headset and with refined graphics.

You can buy a bundle for $129.99 or, if you have one of the earlier headsets, you can get the controller on its own for $39.99.Samsung’s next flagship phones, the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus has the best for the world.

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The S8 is more powerful than any Samsung phone that has come before it.The Company promises that you can trust it will be reliable.The show, which ran for about an hour inside a hall at Lincoln Center, kicked off with a subtle acknowledgment of Samsung’s bad year and its disastrous Note 7 launch.

It has been a challenging year for Samsung as we all know.Words from D.J. Koh, president of Samsung’s mobile communications business  “A year filled with valuable lessons, hard decisions, and important new beginnings.”He understood the value of consumers trusting the products Samsung makes.

Quality, safety, and craftsmanship are very important things to be noticed in making a product said by D.J. Koh.Driven by a passion for constant improvement, this commitment is a foundation for every step that we take.

“We are honored that millions of people around the world trust Samsung Galaxy phones to organize their lives, store their memories and manage their work.”




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