Teach road safety to your children through Virtual reality app

VR Technology to Teach road safety

The technology used in Pokemon Go to navigate in the whole game. The similar technology is going to be used in virtual reality app which is going to be used to teach road safety to children.

University of South Wales (USW) academics, who have received £67,500 funding from the Road Safety Trust developed the app.children will be able to see  “virtual environment” with roads, cars, and designated crossing points by moving a tablet computer, like an iPad, left and right.

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The interesting thing which they have done is for every safe point identification the children will be awarded some points. If they step out in the road dangerously points will be deducted.

Research by USW academics Dr. Purcell, a specialist in psychology, and games design expert Dr. Mike Reddy found that children learned better through an “egocentric” first-person perspective.

The app is going to teach the children each and every point in the road safety.Children are getting engaged with the app very well and started learning the things very quickly.

If the project gets successful, they will seek additional funding to develop it further, with a view to sharing it free of charge with schools across the UK.

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