Human Anatomy Atlas in VR AR MR

Human Anatomy in VR AR MR for IOS users

Human Anatomy is now available for IOS users on the App store in Virtual reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality. It is going to be a new experience for the users. Human Anatomy App shows the human body right in front of the user’s eyes with the power of iOS devices ARKIT

Human body atlas


With accurate body details and perfectly layered body systems, Irusu brings a cutting edge Mixed Reality App for ios mobile phones, that immerses users in deep learning, laying contextual information that impacts learning far greater than any other form of modern learning. kids, teachers, medical professionals, students and anyone who wants to learn interactively about human anatomy and its body layers can use this free to use application.

This application has the ability to show the body system showing Muscle, Skeletal, Digestive, Urinary, Circulatory, Nervous Systems and Lymphatic Nodes and the details about the parts.It has the ability to isolate parts and learn about them by closely maneuvering around them in a 360 degree of freedom.

> Learn body parts in relation to a body under X-ray mode and how they are placed inside the body.

> Use Skin mode to rip the skin Off and ON to reveal the body parts under the skin.

Scale the entire Anatomy from a Giant to dwarf as per user age and height, so that anyone from a small kid to adult can learn it comfortably.

Experience 4D Human Anatomy that comes alive in your living room, Study room, Laboratory and anywhere with a blink of an eye.

Human Body Anatomy Modes is IOS

1.Skin Mode
2.Skeleton Mode
3.X-ray Mode
4. And other different modes which you can find in the app.

Download This App from App store

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