Facebook into augmented reality AR technology

Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook’s F8 conference spoke about augmented reality.AR is going to be a great thing for AR developers in all over the world.The Facebook announcement is a vertically integrated AR development and distribution platform at Facebook scale.

AR developers have to build a camera

It’s exceptionally hard to build mobile AR technology, a software needs to be developed that can understand the environment through depth, tracking, and object recognition.

Ability to understand the computer vision and machine learning techniques must be there for AR developers.And they need to implement those techniques to work on smartphones.

Developers need to create applications that draw’s the people’s attention and keep the engaging with the app.Developers need to do lot of hard work to achieve this mark.

what was introduced during the Facebook F8 talk

1.Cross platform monocular SLAM

2.Monocular structure from motion

3.Robust loop closure

4.Object recognition

5.Authoring and development tool

facebook AR

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