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Setup Instructions :
1. Wear headphones! 2. Obey instructions. 3. Destroy three tanks to win(?) Controls: – Touchpad/Interact: Left Mouse Button or Controller Button A – Back Button: Right Mouse Button or Controller Button B – Reset tracking: R on keyboard or Controller Select/Back button

Playing Instructions :

Input Controls

Description :

The guys won the Silver Games prize in the VR Jam – congratulations!

Tiny tanks decimate the landscape of a wargaming table in this comedic, turn-based artillery strategy game from the founder of Sven Co-op. Scorched Battalion is a finalist in the Oculus Mobile VR Jam — judging is ongoing at the time of writing.

“Wow I’m so blown away by this. This game has a LOT more going for it than I expected. Voted and looking forward to more! :)” – Drash (Titans of Space)

“This is nearly precisely the game I’ve been waiting for, are you going to be adding to it?” – Sam Gage (London Heist)

“Damn you and your damn s*****s. I do give you points for clever.” – Brad Herman (Head of DreamLab at DreamWorks Animation)

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