Tammeka Games
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Also has a non-VR mode.

Description :

From the guys that brought us the awesome Radial-G for the Oculus Rift, here’s ‘Radial-G : Infinity’ for Cardboard. Pit your wits against the deadly invasion force attacking the Radial-G universe! Outrun the mechanical alien squid boss whilst dodging his drone minion army as they blast away your race tracks. Fall off too many times and his laser will burn you to a crisp! Take advantage of pick-ups including magnet to suck up the surrounding orbs, shield to protect you and bombs to send that beastie back to where he came from! Collect the orbs to power-up your ship, aim for the speed boosts to gain an advantage and avoid the slowdown areas inching you closer to his clutches! With three ships to unlock based upon your performance, there is reason to have just one more go to improve your chances next time

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