Team Ghost
Setup Instructions :
The best way to learn to play is by selecting the 1st mission, which is a guided tutorial of the game mechanics. Regardless, your left joystick will control your vehicles pitch and rotation. Your bumper buttons will control the roll of your aircraft. Button 1 will enable the thrust, so you can move forward. Button 2 will make use for your selected weapon. Button 3 is the selection button (you can also tap the gear vr trackpad). Selections are made by staring at one of the 2 computers located close to the armrests of your cockpit chair. As you stare, they will highlight green at that point you press select once, and it will pop up a control window for either weapons or radar types. here you will use your gaze again to make your selection, and press the select button to enable it. Finally, button 4 chances your view between inside the cockpit, into a chase camera view (and repeat to return to cockpit). Keep in mind, that during the tutorial mission, all control functions are not enabled at the beginning, and thus will start becoming enabled as you progress through the tutorial.

Description :

A VR Flight Experience where you battle for air supremacy in a future where humanity lives in space. IMPORTANT: SideloadVR for GearVR must be installed to play

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