Outlyer Virtual Reality
Setup Instructions :
Minimum Requirements

Requires Android 4.1 and upDestroy all Croids before time runs out. Position crosshair and stare at Croid to fire.

Follow red arrow indicator on cross-hair to locate more Croids.
If you don’t see a red indicator turn the ship around (physically turn around).
Right wing displays time before impact on Earth.
Left wing displays remaining Croids in wave

Description :

Multiple waves of large rock matter have been discovered in space, and their trajectory is Earth. Their source is unknown. They seem to have only one intent and that is to destroy our planet, hence nicknamed Croids due to their disdain for humankind. You have been tasked to intercept them before they reach us. The latest model space fighter, “The Nav-Star 6”, has been equipped with a mining laser perfect for the task at hand. Take this ship and show them Croids what we humans are made of.

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