HTC Planning to Bring Its First ‘Arcade Saga’ to PlayStation VR

Launched for the Vive headset in December 2016, the game quickly received Oculus Rift support and recently saw further optimizations for Oculus Touch. Now wanting to bring the game to PSVR, HTC is going a step above to demonstrate their commitment to platform agnostic VR content. Arcade Saga, a futuristic sports action game from HTC’s internal Vive Studios development and publishing group, could be coming to PSVR.

Htc vive arcade saga

HTC’s strategy is different, as stated on the Vive Studios homepage: “Our interest in VR extends well beyond games and entertainment, covering content that’s intended for all major VR platforms.”When HTC launched Vive Studios along with Arcade Saga last year, it appeared to be a comparable initiative to Oculus Studios, albeit with an intention to support a broader range of VR applications beyond gaming. While Oculus’ major funding of VR content is focused on that which will be exclusive to its platform.

Arcade Saga, the first-party title from HTC, as an example, noting its Vive and Rift support, and that he wants to bring the title to PSVR. “We are also talking to Sony about taking [Arcade Saga] to their platform next, and they’ve expressed a willingness to let us do that.”

For that matter, PlayStation VR has a number of its own exclusives—including Batman: Arkham VR which is now launching this month on Vive and Rift—but is far less entrenched in the VR exclusives debate thanks to it being a console-based headset where exclusives are the status quo.



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