What mobiles does the iCardboard support ?

Best suited for mobiles with sizes between 4.7 inches and 5.5inches screen.

What features should my mobile have ?

The mobiles should have Gyroscope , accelerometer for head tracking and Compass for magnetic button functionality.

How should I use the iCardboard ?

Insert your compatible mobile device which is pre-loaded with the any VR App of your choice (plz give our App page link ), close and secure the flap with the Velcro strips and strap the device on your head to view the mobile device screen through the lenses and immerse yourself in the Virtual Reality experience.

How do I enjoy the world of Virtual Reality ?

Walk around, move your head around, look left, look right, look up and down – see it the way you would in reality and see Virtual Reality at its best.

What does the iCardboard support ?

The iCardboard supports Virtual Reality Applications, Games, Movies that are available in hundreds for free which can be easily downloaded into a regular android device and can be

Do we have warranty for the products sold ?

We are extremely sorry, but we do not provide any warranty for the products we sell.

Is the iCardboard completely Cardboard ?

The iCardboard is not just a plain cardboard box. It is packed with two lenses that are Blur free , laser cut for a very Precise Virtual Reality experience and Neodymium magnet with NH35 grade recommended as in the Original Google Cardboard. A Strong elastic Head band with an adjuster for comfort and adjustment.

Do we provide any discounts ?

As of now we do not provide any discount.

How long does the iCardboard last ?

The iCardboard is a complete laser cut and perfectly fit box which makes it quite strong and durable.

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